Loupedeck Color Codes & Background Images

Get familiar with Loupedeck's color codes for various parts of the system for an easier experience

!This article applies to software versions up to 5.3.

Color coding is being gradually be retired from the Loupedeck system

To make things easy for you to remember, the Loupedeck system is color-coordinated. This helps you to quickly identify the type of action that has been mapped to your console. Illuminated buttons also follow the same color system.

Colors that are common in all profiles

Workspaces (green)

          • Workspace controls e.g. dials and touch buttons – and is totally customizable by the user. Amount of workspaces is not limited.

Page related content (blue)

          • Workspace elements (E.g. dials) contain at least one but can contain multiple, pages. Pages are navigated by swiping the screen. When having multiple pages a direct action pointing to a specific page might be faster to use. These page actions (also known as page links) have a blue background.

Actions (API) (purple with background)

          • All actions have the same color theme (purple). Actions that are retrieved from the target application (API) have a purple background. 

Actions (custom made) (purple without background)

          • Actions created by the user have the same purple color as (API) actions but without the dark purple background. These custom actions can be of multiple different types: Macros, run (any file, address, etc), play sound, text, or shortcut.

Dynamic and adaptive content (orange)

          • Adaptive workspace dynamically changes content on the dials and touch buttons according to the state of the editing software.
            Parameters and tool adjustments are retrieved automatically from the software to the device.

System actions (white)

          • If an action is related to the system (OS or Loupedeck) it is indicated with white color. This can be seen e.g. when activating keyboard mode on Loupedeck CT (as all-round buttons are illuminated white).

Colors that are visible in some profiles

MIDI (yellow)

          • MIDI actions created by the user. These custom MIDI actions can be of multiple different types, depending is it a rotation adjustment or press action: Note, Program Change, CC Value or CC Toggle - also delay is available.

Preset actions (magenta)

          • Some software offers presets (or similar). These actions have a different background color in the Loupedeck system.
          • Presets can be either imported to the Loupedeck system one by one - or all at once. The method depends on the target application.

No License (red)

          • Some special plugins need a license to work. If a plugin license is not activated (or does not exist), actions are shown with red stripes. This indicates that something is not set up correctly.


          • If something goes horribly-horribly-wrong, an error icon is shown with related content: A name or icon related to the error.