Loupedeck console isn’t working in Lightroom 6.

When using an obsolete version of Lightroom Classic, formely known as Lightroom or Lightroom CC.


If your Loupedeck+ or Loupedeck Original console isn't working in Lightroom 6, learn what to do.


  • Check that you’re using Loupedeck software version 2.6 that contains the Lightroom 6 integration. Learn how to find out what Loupedeck software version you are currently running in this article
  • Loupedeck Software Version 2.6 can be downloaded from this link


Please note Loupedeck CT is compatible with Loupedeck software 3.x and newer and Loupedeck Live with Loupedeck software 4.x and newer. These consoles will not work with Loupedeck software 2.6.