OBS Plugin Errors

Most common OBS Plugin errors and solutions.

OBS Plugin does not connect to Loupedeck software.

  • If the Loupedeck software was installed before any installation of OBS Studio was present on your computer, you may have to re-install the Loupedeck software to ensure that it properly connects to OBS Studio.
  • If your OBS plugin shows 'cannot connect to OBS', please check if you have Loupedeck Connector installed from the OBS application. Read more here.


Loupedeck switches pages when OBS Studio is not in focus during streams

Disable the "Dynamic Mode" in your profile settings, or use the Dynamic Mode action in the "Loupedeck Device Actions" tab to disable the Dynamic Mode.

One of the main features of Loupedeck is that the device can dynamically follow your workflow by automatically switching to an "Application Profile" if the corresponding application is in focus. To prevent this from happening when using OBS you can either switch off the "Dynamic Mode", or use a "Main Profile" instead of an "Application Profile" for you OBS Studio actions. 


OBS Scenes and Sources are not showing when trying to create a new action

Start your OBS Studio before trying to create new actions for Scenes and/or sources within the Loupedeck Software.

When creating certain new actions for OBS Studio (like Scenes or Sources), OBS Studio has to be running in order to update the dynamic content within the software.