Release Notes 5.0.0

64bit builds: (.9692) Windows 10. and (.9693) macOS 10.14 or later.

This release adds support for vMix and new Lightroom Classic masking system. This release also includes new user interface (UI) with many action related improvements, new on-boarding wizard and the 'simplified profile' type. Capture One (MacOS version) has been upgraded to utilize AppleScript-API with new functionality and better UX.

Note! Windows 11 and MacOS Monterey (12.0) have not been officially tested.


Hardware Support (UI v.5) 

  • Loupedeck CT [CT]  
  • Loupedeck Live [Lv]  

Hardware Support (UI v.2)  

  • Loupedeck+ [LD+]  
  • Loupedeck Original [LD]  

Software Support (MacOS & Windows):  

  • Ableton Live 10 [CT, Lv]  
  • Adobe After Effects [LD+, CT, Lv]  
  • Adobe Audition [LD+, CT, Lv]  
  • Adobe Lightroom Classic [All devices]  
  • Adobe Illustrator [CT, Lv]  
  • Adobe Photoshop 2021 [All devices]  
  • Camera Raw (only Photoshop) [All devices]  
  • Adobe Premiere Pro [LD+, CT, Lv]  
  • Capture One [All devices]   
  • Skylum Aurora HDR (v.1.2 or newer) [LD+, LD]  
  • Spotify Premium [CT, Lv]  
  • OBS Studio (v26.0 or later) [CT, Lv] 
  • Philips Hue (Bridge) [CT, Lv]  

Software Support (MacOS only):  

  • Final Cut Pro (MacOS) [LD+, CT, Lv]  
  • MacOS [CT, Lv]  

Software Support (Windows only):  

  • Streamlabs OBS (v0.20 or later) [CT, Lv]  
  • Windows [CT, Lv] 
  • vMix [CT, Lv] 


New Features 


  • New profile type (for Loupedeck Live): Simplified Profile (faster to use) 
    • Includes new simplified default profiles for Windows and MacOS. 
    • If API supported actions are executed the target software application is automatically brought to the forefront 
    • Device mirroring while using Loupedeck Configurator 
    • Some plugins are have been moved from the “application” list and are updated as add-on plugins into the action panel (E.g. Spotify, Twitch, Philips Hue..) 

    NEW UI

    • Settings are moved to a familiar folder based menu 
    • Sub features can be found under (…) menus 
    • Redesigned device selector 
    • Redesigned profile system 
    • System (former Windows, MacOS and Streaming profiles) and application profiles are now separated 
    • Applications can be hidden from the profile drop-down menu 
    • Profile manager shows if a linked application is not detected (= not installed) 
    • The ‘Dynamic Mode’ switch has been moved to the profile drop-down menu 
    • Only one profile per application is visible 
    • Redesigned Action Panel: 
      • Panel and action editor size are adjustable 
      • Press actions and rotation adjustments are in one list 
      • Press action and rotation adjustments visibility can be filtered separately  
      • Supported plugins in separate tabs 
      • All possible add-on plugins are visible automatically 
      • Ability to show/hide plug-in tabs (from ‘Manage Plugins’) 
      • Action editor integrated to the action panel 
      • Plugin status notification if additionmal setting up or other attention required 
      • Clicking mapped action reveals corresponding action on the action list 
    • Custom Actions creation possible directly on a button 
    • Pop-up message-center for general notifications 
    • Updated device images 
    • Updated Wheel Page template listing 
    • Key assignment hints added for non-modifiable keys (e.g. square buttons) 
    • Login notification if user is not logged into Loupedeck system 
    • UI can be zoomed in/out (UI menu: View) 
    • Link to video tutorials (UI menu: Help) 


          • A set of sounds and icons are available for actions and custom actions 
          • Simple ‘Shortcut’-type has been added to custom actions 
          • ‘Custom Action’-type is now known as ‘Macro’ 
          • Plugin based profile adjustments have been made available (in addition to profile actions) 
          • Custom Actions / adjustments can be cut/copied & pasted between profiles and action groups (right click) 
          • Custom actions / adjustments can be reorganized (via drag and drop between action groups) 

          ICON EDITOR

          • Adding icons to all actions and adjustments available 
          • Icon background changed to dark gray 
          • Transparent icons are also possible


            • Home Button can be illuminated white when activating system profile (by pressing FN+Home on CT or long pressing Home with Live) 


            New Plugins (incl. upgrades)

            • VMix support 
            • Rewritten (macOS) Capture One plugin utilizes Apple-Script API 


            Improvements (General) 

            • Enhanced vibra feedback 
            • Run Custom action upgrade
              • More enviromental variables can be used in run path (~ macOS and % Windows) 
            • Onboarding Wizard
              • Pre-configures user’s profiles based on selected application groups (e.g. Streaming, Photography, Video..) 
              • Buttons are now localized to multiple languages 
              • Loupedeck+ and Loupedeck Original support added (after Wizard: legacy UI opens) 
              • Sharing of anonymous usage data preference choice added to the Wizard 



            Improvements (Plugin) 

            Ableton Live 

            • Plugin Status now visible on the UI 
            • Updated Dynamic Pages (Clip Launch Mode, Clip Parameter Mode, Device Mode) 

            Adobe Audition 

            • Plugin Status now visible on the UI 

            After Effects

            • Icon updates 

            Capture One

            • Loupedeck+ / Loupedeck Original related rating/filtering actions hidden from CT and Live 
            • More icons added for actions 
            • MacOS: 
              • CT/Live default profiles have been updated (including better workflow) 
              • Updated shortcut file (Loupedeck Default) 
              • Adjustment values shown on dial strip 
              • Smart tool tab switching based on adjustment (instead of tab number) 
              • Adjustment values reset available 
              • Shortcut updates (in Capture One) for ‘Loupedeck Default’ are automatically updated to press actions and rotation adjustments after 20 sec delay. 
              • Excluding custom actions and custom adjustments 
              • Windows
                • Updated shortcut file (Loupedeck_beta).
                • To update: Delete the old shortcut file and reinstall Loupedeck software. 

                Final Cut Pro

                • Version number was removed from default profile title (no changes inside profile) 
                • Icon updates 

                Lightroom Classic

                • Support for new masking system 
                • Including default profile updates for all devices 
                • ‘Mask & Mask Tool’ wheel widget 
                • Additional and updated icons 


                • Updated websocket connection 
                • New user definable profile actions for scenes, sources and mixers 
                • Auto re-connect to Studio after port number change in WebSocket Server Settings 
                • Added descriptions to help creating profile actions 
                • Icon updates 

                Philips Hue

                • Long-press lamp, zone or room control center to adjust parameters 


                • Layer Properties Control Center is added to the action list (similar to Layer Properties pages, but not editable) 

                Spotify Premium

                • More stable connection between Loupedeck and Spotify Cloud API (thanks to Spotify) 

                Streamlabs OBS

                • Disconnect icon is shown if SLOBS is not connected 
                • Audio sources avaiable as profile adjustments 
                • Added descriptions to help creating profile actions 
                • Icon updates 


                • Plugin Generator 

                System (Win)

                • Default profiles updated 


                Bug Fixes (General) 

                • Profile always has one home workspace (per mode) 
                • KeyUp event was not sent correctly for all plugins (macOS) 
                • Device mapping updates correctly after opened control center is replaced or unassigned from the device (and then closed from the device) 
                • Changing between workspaces more responsive and faster 
                • Keyboard modifier better supported 


                Bug Fixes (Plugin) 

                After Effects

                • Opacity adjustments responsive again (Mac only bug) 

                Capture One

                • Brightness adjustment includes correct reset action 
                • Capture One responds fully when used with Loupedeck+ or Loupedeck Original 

                Final Cut Pro

                • The limitation to force English app language has been removed: shortcut actions and color wheel adjustments work regardless of MacOS language 
                • Customised commandset no longer ends Loupedeck functionality 

                Lightroom Classic

                • Missing adjustments added to Tool-workspaces 
                • Missing icons added to Tool-workspaces 
                • Crop area aspect ratio presevered when mix-used cropping using mouse 
                • Lightroom does not freeze when exporting images directly from 1Dx3's memory card using SDK/API command (Adobe fix) 
                • Crop icons updated correctly 

                Philips Hue

                • Adjustments more responsive 

                Premiere Pro

                • Motion Effects, Opacity and Crop can be adjusted on clips in several sequences again 

                Spotify Premium

                • Main volume is now working and adjusts OS volume 


                Known Issues 


                • MIDI plugin user interface is missing from the new UI. Please use the Classic UI View to create new MIDI actions.  
                • Hiding applications in profile drop-down menu not permanent (applications will re-appear) 
                • Workspaces or pages cannot be assigned from their corresponding menus 
                • Please assign workspaces or pages from the Navigation group 
                • MacOS: If two versions of the same supported application are installed, the non-active version may start while using press actions from Loupedeck. 
                • In some cases Loupedeck+ does not wake up after (OS) sleep mode 
                • Sometimes, when UI is on, Loupedeck console does not change to correct profile when activating target applications
                • Streaming plugins are not shown by default on normal MacOS profile (workaround is to add a new default profile or make plugins visible from "Manage plugins" option)

                Ableton Live

                • Some dial actions are missing in Clip Launch Mode 
                • Ableton Live 11 support update is still in beta, this can be downloaded from       

                After Effects

                • Some shortcut actions do not work with non English versions of AE due to different key board layout 

                Capture One

                • Some filtering actions may not work correctly
                  • workaround: create and replace using custom action with shortcuts

                Final Cut Pro

                • Localization (translation of action names) is temporarily disabled 

                Lightroom Classic

                • Some brush parameters are missing from the action list 
                • Copying image values ignores the White Balance value "as shot" and changes target image unexpectedly 
                • Loupedeck+: Color Grading Reset actions are missing from the UI 
                • Activate Crop Tool By Rotation has inconsistent behaviour
                • Using masking system might increase Loupedeck's response time
                • (macOS) Plugin is not able to retrieve mask and/or mask tool information thus making some control centers inoperative


                • Dynamic pages cannot be added using the new UI 

                Photoshop (Camera Raw)

                • In some cases Zoom out action zooms in, instead of zooming out (please inform if encountered!) 

                Premiere Pro

                • On version older than 14.0, Run Script Error messages shows constantly preventing use of Loupedeck. This is not an issue with later versions of Premier Pro 

                Spotify Premium

                • Devices actions icon missing 


                • Dynamic feature called the Input Switcher is still in beta and in case new inputs are introduced during a session, the switcher may not update the input list in real time. Restarting the software resolves issue.