Loupedeck CT - Round and Square Buttons

Learn how to use the Round and Square Buttons on Loupedeck CT

  • Round and Square buttons are referred to as General Elements, the action set for each does not change when a workspace is changed.
  • All of the Round and most of the Square Buttons can be customized. The Square which cannot be customized are home, enter, keyboard, and Fn.
  • You can select a second action for each Button  by pressing Fn simultaneously with the button.
  • Pressing Fn, illuminates all Buttons where a second action is set, any Buttons with no assigned action remain unlit.

TIP 1! We recommend assigning workspaces to round buttons in your workflow order – that way you can easily go forward step-by-step.

TIP 2! We recommend assigning very common actions to A-E buttons. E.g. Navigation; and selecting to buttons from A-D and Zoom In / Out to button E.

Popular actions

  • Some actions are fixed for all applications (e.g. Enter, ESC, Save).
  • Enter & ESC (FN+Enter)  are fixed and cannot be customized as they are needed to apply or cancel many different functions. Enter / ESC .
  • Undo & Redo (FN+Redo) are assigned to the same button, as are Save & Save As (FN+Save). Both buttons are customizable.

TIP 3! We recommend assigning your most-used export presets to Save and FN + Save – no need to create an export workspace for that.

TIP 4! If you do not require Redo-function, we recommend assigning “reset all” or “undo all” to FN + Undo