Release Notes 4.3

64bit builds: (.7481) macOS 10.14 or later, (.7478) Windows 10

This release introduces new profile type: simplified profile, upcoming UI (v.5) showcasing only simplified profile.

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 Hardware Support (UI v.5 with simplified profile type) (NEW)

  • Loupedeck Live [Lv]

Hardware Support (UI v.4)

  • Loupedeck CT [CT] 
  • Loupedeck Live [Lv] 

Hardware Support (UI v.2) 

  • Loupedeck+ [LD+] 
  • Loupedeck Original [LD] 

Software Support (MacOS & Windows): 

  • Ableton Live  [CT, Lv] 
  • Adobe After Effects [LD+, CT, Lv] 
  • Adobe Audition [LD+, CT, Lv] 
  • Adobe Lightroom Classic [All Devices] 
  • Adobe Illustrator [CT, Lv] 
  • Adobe Photoshop 2021 [All devices] 
  • Camera Raw [All Devices] 
  • Adobe Premiere Pro [LD+, CT, Lv] 
  • Capture One (Shortcut based) [All Devices]  
  • Skylum Aurora HDR (v.1.2 or newer) [LD+, LD] 
  • Spotify Premium [CT, Lv] 
  • OBS Studio (v26.0 or later) [CT, Lv]
  • Philips Hue (Bridge) [CT, Lv] (NEW)

      Software Support (MacOS only): 

      • Final Cut Pro X (macOS) [LD+, CT, Lv] 
      • MacOS [CT, Lv] 

      Software Support (Windows only): 

      • Streamlabs OBS (v0.20 or later) [CT, Lv] 
      • Windows [CT, Lv] 


      VERSION 4.3

      Note! Features which have been available in closed beta version (4.2.7) are also included in these release notes.

      NEW FEATURES (General)

      • Localization: German, French, Korean and Japanese for following plugins:
        • Lightroom
        • Photoshop
        • Premiere Pro
        • Final Cut Pro
        • Systems
      • Simplified Profile (Live). General profile with 6 dials and 8 touch pages (4.2.7)
        • Switch can be found from the top bar area (stating "Try Loupedeck preview -> ").
      • Upcoming UI (v.5) (4.2.7)
        • Showcases (only) simplified profile for Live
        • Other devices and current UI v.4 functionality will be added on future releases
      • Philips HUE (plugin) (4.2.7)
      • Firmware update for CDC connection
        • New connection method with Loupedeck device and computer system.
        • Makes it possible to use Loupedeck devices when VPN is active
      • Onboarding Wizard (4.2.7)
        • Preview video of new UI and Simplified Profile available on last Wizard page for Loupedeck Live or here
        • Asking consent for sending anonymous telemetry data
      • Access to Knowledge Base was added to UI
      • Consent modal after installing
      • (If concent is given: ability to) record and send telemetry data to be used for improving Loupedeck software, system and profiles. (4.2.7)
      • Control Center function
        • E.g. Volume Output is now a control center which can be assigned as an action on a button.
        • Opens a "folder" on CT or LIVE screen containing relevant actions - folder can be closed by pressing a back arrow from the device
      • Contex menus from a specific button or right click (UI v.5)
      • New filtering system for Search (Beta version) (UI v.5)


      IMPROVEMENTS (General)

      • Delay action folder is hidden (had been replaced by Delay-type in custom actions) (4.2.7)
      • Extra long emails can be fitted into the logging modal (4.2.7)
      • More error message types to indicate if something specific goes wrong (4.2.7)
      • Action Panel's structure has been added with extra level: subfolders (UI v.5)
      • Actions and Adjustments are now in one action list (UI v.5) (4.2.7)
        • Can be separately searched by using a filter for either press or rotation
      • Start creating custom actions directly from a button (UI v.5) (4.2.7)
      • Creating Custom Actions are now included into the Action Panel (instead of separate modal) (Beta version) (4.2.7) (UI v.5)
      • Custom Action types are now separated as their own actions for faster creation process (4.2.7) (UI v.5)
      • Resizing software window does not resize device image (4.2.7) (UI v.5)
      • Zooming the device image view is now separated from resizing the window (4.2.7) (UI v.5)
        • Zoom in / out from top right hamburger menu -> View
      • Lock Application action is moved to advanced tool bar (Win)
      • Line break after a word wthin action panel (preventing cutting the word wrongly)
      • Windows and MacOS system tray functionality has been matched (not identical, but similar)
      • Icon system (under the hood) has been improved for further implementations
        • Preliminary changes can be seen in icons which included text (feature will be improved)


      IMPROVEMENTS (Plugin)

      Capture One

      • Loupedeck+ and Loupedeck Original are opened for customization (4.2.7)
      • New default profile for CT & Live (4.2.7)
        • Utilizes Custom Actions and Custom Adjustments instead of plugin functions
        • Much more actions and adjustments available for mapping
        • Formerly known as Capture One Extended Profile
      • New Action Groups: Rating (LD+, LDo) (4.2.7)
        • Contains Rating and Color tag actions for Loupedeck+ and Original
      • New Actions (Escpecially for CT & Live) (4.2.7):
        • Clear Rating
        • Clear Color Tag
        • Set Rating (1-5)
        • Set Color Tag (Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Pink, Orange)
        • Dehaze (adjustment)
      • Updated Action names (4.2.7)
        • Rating Clear -> Clear Rating / Color


        PLUGINS (new features)

        Ableton Live

        After Effects

        • Limitation to use English keyboard has been removed.
        • Action folders have been cleaned up. Removal of duplicated actions.

        Final Cut Pro

        • Limitation to use English keyboard has been removed.

        Premiere Pro

        • Action folders have been cleaned up. Removal of duplicated actions.Renaming of cryptic action names.
        • A new wheel page “Scrubbing” was added to default profile for CT

        Philips Hue

        • Added Philips Hue plugin
        • Control Center for lamps has a long press mechanic which lets users adjust their lamps.
        • Currently one bridge unit is supported.


        • Added support for OBS Studio for MacOS
        • Fixed issue where OBS Studio and Loupedeck service failed to communicate after restart.
        • Moved the scenes functionality to Profile Action category where users can add the scenes themselves.

        BUG FIXES (General)

        • Key Modifiers now stay in memory when recording shortcut actions. (4.2.7)
        • Consecutive shortcut presses are now executed

          Custom Actions

          • Text-command line now supports more unicode charachters


          BUG FIXES (Plugins)

          Capture One

          • Filter by Red Color Tag no longer selects 1-star images (4.2.7)


          • Brush Adjustments removed from Spot Removal tool as unnecessary adjustments.

          Photoshop / Camera Raw

          • Improved recognizion of Camera Raw filter window
          • HDR images can be now adjusted ±10 increments (instead of normal ±5 increments)


          • Send Chat Message action is now executed correctly (4.2.7)

          Streamlabs OBS

          • Streamlabs won't crash when activating a specific VLC source. (4.2.7)'


          • Lock Application action removed as unnecessary


          KNOWN ISSUES

          UI v.5

          • Creating Custom Macros is not yet possible (upcoming)


          • Some icons might be missing from several plugins (due to a new icon handling system)
          • If two versions of the same supported application is installed, unused version might start automatically when using Loupedeck on the other version

          Ableton Live 

          • Ableton live 11 update is still in beta phase and users might experience error messages, but none that should prevent the use. 
          • If user has both Ableton Live 10 and Ableton Live 11 on their computer, some commands might prompt open the version not currently in use. 

          After Effects

          • Opacity 10% dial is not responsive (Mac only)
          • 2 Icons are missing on “Tools” page
          • “Trim” actions not working with German AE version

              Capture One

              • Most dials and press functions are not working (hot fix coming soon!)
                • Workaround for CT & LIVE: Use Extended Profile version which utilizes Custom actions / Custom Adjustments

                Final Cut Pro

                • FCP must be updated to v10.5.3 for Global (previously “Master”) color wheel to be responsive.
                • few actions not working with German, French & Japanese FCP version


                • Illustrator 25.3.1 is not supported yet. Illustrator 25.2.3 is the latest working version.

                Philips Hue

                • Bridge does not display certain lights in the Loupedeck system.
                • When updating values via API Bridge sends them out with short interval delays, making quick adjustments seem like they have latency.


                • Motion Effect dials may be unresponsive if another control surface is added (e.g. Palette or Mister Horse)
                • Shuttle Left / Shuttle Right actions must be reassigned to LD+ default profile to get them to work


                      • MIDI – related latency may vary depending on audio software, plug-ins and other external hardware in use.  
                      • The MIDI note chart used assigns C3 as the midi note number 60. Depending on audio software, they might display notes one +/- octave off. 
                      • Unable to enter ‘0’ as CC toggle value. 
                      • Program Change Adjustment might not work in all applications in macOS. 
                      • Program Change number might be off by one figure in some applications. 
                      • MIDI Action/Adjustment is not created when pressing "Enter" key. 
                      • Overlay (beta) arrows move wrong way around when using MIDI adjustments. 

                      Streamlabs OBS

                      • Mute actions incorrectly named Reset “Audio Source”
                      OBS Studio
                      • Icon for toggle record is missing, will be fixed in hotfix
                      • Mute actions incorrectly named Reset “Audio Source