Using Spotify Premium with Loupedeck

Loupedeck’s Spotify plugin is designed to follow Spotify’s active device. This means that any device you are currently using for Spotify’s playback can be automatically controlled with Loupedeck.


Spotify plugin has a dynamic folder that shows all active Spotify devices. Dynamic folder can be
identified on the touch screen from orange icon stripes. (See picture 1 below: Yellow rectangle)

• Open Devices -folder

• Select any of the listed devices

When pressed Play Spotify will start to play on the selected device.

Note! Sometimes Spotify plugin does not recognize which of the online Spotifys is the active one. In this case press e.g. play/pause button to give a signal that this is your active Spotify device which you want to control.


Pic 1.

Spotify Premium Default profile is equipped with basic media controls on a dial:

(See picture 1: Blue circle on dial.)

• Rotate left: Previous Track.

• Rotate right: Next Track.

• Dial push: Play/Pause toggle.

Standard volume control is also added to the default profile:

(See picture 1: Pink circle on dial.)

• Rotate left: Decrease volume.

• Rotate right: Increase volume.

• Dial push: Mute/Unmute toggle (assigned separately).

Assigning direct volume:

• Open Spotify Premium Actions - main group.

• Press (+) on “Direct Volume” group. (See picture 2 below: Pink circle)

• Give a volume level between 0-100.

• Press Save.

• Drag action over a button.

Activating this action will set Spotify’s volume level to a desired value.

Pic. 2


Spotify plugin reads all the playlist titles and enables you to start playback on any of your
playlists or to save played song to a playlist.

Start playback on a playlist:

• Open Spotify Premium Actions - main group.

• Press (+) on “StartPlaylist” group. (See picture 2 above: Green circle.)

• Locate your desired playlist from the “Select playlist to play” dropdown list .

• Change title if needed.

• Press Save.

Save song to a specific playlist

• Open Spotify Premium Actions - main group

• Press (+) on “SaveToPlaylist”. (See picture 2: Blue circle.)

• Locate your desired target playlist from the  “Select playlist to save” dropdown list

• Press Save

Note! Save to Playlist is useful if you are listening to automated playlists (e.g. “Discover Weekly”) and want to save a song for later use. In this case you might want to create a new playlist into Spotify, e.g. “Saved songs” and use that as a target playlist.