Loupedeck software release 5.7 is now available

This update release includes revamped Keyboard Shortcut custom action, new character action, bug fixes, UI improvements and service enchancements


  1. Redesigned Keyboard Shortcut Custom Action: We have completely revamped the Keyboard Shortcut custom action to ensure enhanced consistency and compatibility across different keyboard layouts. Enjoy a seamless workflow regardless of your preferred keyboard setup. Read more here

  2. Introducing the "Character" Action which allows you to effortlessly type any single Unicode character, including ASCII characters. This feature provides great convenience in special character input. Read more here

  3. Our previously released new Twitch plugin has now been moved directly to the Loupedeck installer. The plugin address connectivity issues and offer expanded functionality. Experience improved connection stability and take advantage of additional features while using Twitch together with Loupedeck. Enjoy a smoother streaming experience


Along smaller changes, the following are the biggest updates to the 5.7 UI:

  1. We have added a requested feature that allows you to create and assign touch pages and workspaces directly to empty touch buttons. This functionality provides you with greater flexibility in customizing your interface.

  2. Improved Page Management with "+" Icons: To streamline the process of creating and managing new pages, we have introduced "+" icons for touch and dial page indicators in the user interface (UI). Now it's easier than ever to create and organize pages according to your preferences.

  3. You can now export profiles directly from the three dots in the profile drop-down menu. This feature simplifies the profile management process, enabling you to export your profiles effortlessly.

You can read about all the changes in the 5.7 release notes.


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