Loupedeck+ Beta in the 5.4 software release

Loupedeck+ support has been added to the 5.4 software release - here's what's good to know about the Beta.

It's finally here! This is an exciting and long-awaited improvement for the Loupedeck+ users.

As you may have noticed, this software has been labeled as "Beta" - Why, you might ask. As we are working on making the user experience more and more streamlined and intuitive, it became apparent that many of the old logicalities and dependencies of the first Loupedeck products did not translate into the new user interface as they were. We hope that you'll enjoy this new way of working with Loupedeck+!


Please read more about the changes and improvements regarding Loupedeck+  in these following articles

If you are having serious issues with the Loupedeck+ Beta, contact our Customer support or revert to using 5.1 Classic UI until the official release version is out.