vMix - Default Profile

Here's a quick walkthrough of the workspaces in the default profile of vMix plugin

What's a default profile you might ask? Well, it's basically our "serving suggestion" for your workflow, it's a starting point for you to get to know what kind of actions are in store for your software and how to start customizing the profile to your own liking.


The default profile for vMix includes 7 workspaces with different set of actions. You can combine,delete and mix actions you find in these workspaces as you see fit. You can find even more actions in the vMix plugin folders - use the search bar for quickest results!


Also, know that you can also combine multiple vMix-actions into one with our custom action editor!  Click here for further instructions.


We've arranged the Default Profile Workspaces followingly:

HOME - View all workspaces
1. Input Switcher - A control center for live broadcasting and additional actions

2. Transitions  - All input transition actions
3. PTZ Camera Controls - A control center for PTZ cameras and additional actions4. Replay Actions - Instant replay actions
5. Audio & Volumes  - Audio related actions and Audio Mixer - dynamic page for your vMix inputs.
6. Utilities  - General actions that might come in handy.
7. MIDI (Template actions)  Assignable MIDI - actions on two touch button and dial pages. Make sure to activate the Loupedeck MIDI plugin.