vMix - Setup & Startup

Instructions for Loupedeck CT & Live

Welcome to the world of vMix! vMix is a professional broadcasting software that can be used for streaming live events such as gaming or newscasting. The main vMix software is limited to Windows os use for the time being.

This manual for the Loupedeck vMix plugin is separated into smaller articles and will go through all the vMix functions that Loupedeck provides for your Live and CT devices. These articles are designed to help you understand the possibilities that the vMix plugin integration provides and will guide you to set up your own specific workflow to tailor your own individual needs. Sure, you can also use and/or modify the default vMix-profile as you wish!

Let’s get you started!

Connecting your Loupedeck CT or Live device with vMix

Open the vMix-software and open the preset you want to use with your Loupedeck device. Then open the Loupedeck Software and choose the vMix Profile from the Application Profile Menu.

You should be able to start using your device without any further adjustments. In case you have also assigned or want to use MIDI commands to control the vMix shortcuts, remember to list the MIDI commands and add your Loupedeck device as a MIDI Controller in the vMix Shortcut Settings.


vMix User Manual for Loupedeck - article by article.


1. Default Profile: What are workspaces and pages?


1. Input Switcher
2. Transitions
3. PTZ Camera Controls
4. Replay Actions
5. Audio & Volumes
6. Utilities
7. MIDI (Template)


Introduction to pre-set Loupedeck CT Wheel and Button actions in the default vMix profile.

2. In-Depth Instructions

How to add multiple vMix actions to a single button: Introduction to Custom Actions & Adjustments in the Loupedeck Software
How to use vMix shortcuts with the Loupedeck MIDI plugin
Introduction to Control Center Logic - How to use the Input Switcher and Audio Mixer